Welcome to Green Terrariums!
Welcome to Green Terrariums!

Workshop Inspiration! Pick & Choose!

Learn to Create Your Own Fabulous Terrarium inspired from the pages of my book: Terrariums Gardens under Glass


 Available for Garden Club meetings, Corporate Team-Building events, Museum Lectures, any program or site that you might want to inspire craft!


  1.  Hanging glass globes with air plants
  2. Classic lidded terrariums
  3. Dry terrariums with succulents & sand
  4. Rainforest terrariums with mini orchids & bromeliads
  5. Agave & Aloe terrariums in gravel
  6. Hanging glass globes with succulents or tropical plants
  7. Apothocary jars
  8. Still Life Cloche
  9. Japanese Kokedama
  10. Moss Wall Art
Abby Aldrich Rockefellar Maine Garden Moon Gate replica featured at New York Botanical Garden 2015

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Author, Maria Colletti
Terrariums Gardens under Glass

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