Welcome to Green Terrariums!
Welcome to Green Terrariums!
GREEN TERRARIUMS - Workshops are my specialty!!
the art of crafting a workshop of modern indoor gardening by creating fabulously-designed outrageous terrariums,
hanging glass globes,  using mosses, air plants, succulents, and tropical plants and more!


Amazing Foursquare Team-Building Workshop for 85 attendees!
Beautiful Workshop space at Bartow-Pell Orangerie where workshops are held!
Unique or Classic Terrarium Design - any size, any shape. What's your wish list?




to join me for a


October 24th


  Geometric Teardrop Terrarium filled with succulents, sand, & moss!



6:30pm -8:30pm



New York Botanical Garden

Bronx, NY


Purchase my terrarium book in class for only $15!


Exciting news!

Available for sale in stores now!



Workshop Instructor on location!

Team-Building Specialist!

Book a class with Horticulturalist Maria Colletti - design terrariums, indoor tropical gardens, indoor window boxes, wall planters, Kokedama string gardens!


Book a fun-filled team-building workshop!  Contact me to bring some excitement to your events!

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